The 3 Endorsements Obama Didn't Want for 2012


As voters come closer to the showdown between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, famous and powerful Americans will begin to endorse their favorite candidate.  Obama has received three endorsements that will backfire as he seeks another term in office:

1) Oprah Winfrey

Oprah was instrumental in helping Obama win his first term. Her support for his vision and change was noteworthy with her fans who are mainly women. Oprah has already endorsed Obama’s quest for reelection. As Obama tries to reach out to women voters, Oprah is a key in this divide and conquer strategy.

While Oprah can use her charm to reach out to women, maybe even offer free cars or chocolate during her pro-Obama rallies, many women will not fall for her antics twice. Oprah will try to create a national “pity party,” whereby women would feel sorry that the President could not fulfill his promises. Many women will also see that they were manipulated into supporting Oprah’s dream of having a black President elected. Now those women will have to go after their own dreams like jobs.

2) Warren Buffett

Long heralded as the Oracle of Omaha, Buffett has a reputation for being one of the world’s greatest investors. He has amassed a net worth of 44 billion dollars but made a pledge in 2006 to give away 99% of his fortune to charities. In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Buffet has decided to campaign for fairer tax codes for Americans. Buffet endorsed Obama in 2008, and will continue that support Obama this election.

The irony of Buffet’s actions is twofold: First off, Buffet never once complained while he was utilizing existing tax policies to create his enormous wealth. Now, it seems that Buffett only wants to atone for his wealth by giving away the majority of his fortune to charities. Why first take advantage of those policies, and then criticize them after you've made your money? This is hypocritical.

Second, the tax policies do not just favor the mega-rich, but also those reporting less than one million dollars per year. Obama paid a lower tax rate than his secretary last year. Why would the President support the Buffett rule, yet take advantage of existing tax codes? Simply put, the President needs class warfare to win reelection. Thanks Warren.

3) Communist Party USA

American Communists have endorsed Obama for his 2012 reelection bid. The chairman of the Communist Party USA Sam Webb has decided that Obama should be reelected. While he has been disappointed with some of the current administration’s actions, he has made the decision that America’s Communists should support Obama’s reelection.

What else needs to be said about this endorsement? Webb has stated that he prefers to ally his party with Democrats since they will help his fight against right-wingers. According to Webb, conservatives want to utilize “racism, lies, and economic sabotage” against the American people. But what about Obama’s failure to work with Republicans, or his forced socialized medicine? 

Obama is caught in a tough spot. On one hand, he wants endorsements that will bring undecided voters to his camp. On the other hand, he doesn’t want any negative fallout from those endorsements. Given that his moment of glory has already passed, Obama’s endorsers will once again try to portray him as a savior for the common man. Unfortunately for him, those endorsements cannot hide the failure he is as President. Just ask the economy.