Obamacare Website Glitches Are a Sign Of Problems in the White House


In the wake of the botched rollout of HealthCare.gov, maybe the Obama administration could learn a lot about good management from Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder's 1974 comedy classic, Young Frankenstein.

In Young Frankenstein, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein has a clear goal: to transplant the brain of deceased genius Hans Delbruck (a philosopher and author of 17 cookbooks) into the body of a dead criminal and reanimate the corpse, forever changing the path of medicine. Unfortunately, Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor, fails to procure Delbruck's brain, instead retrieving the brain of "Abby Normal." As a result, Dr. Frankenstein puts an abnormal brain into the body of a seven-and-a-half-foot long, 54-inch wide gorilla.

You have to wonder what Igor's thought process was: "I know it's not the right brain, but there were bound to be a few glitches in this process anyway. Maybe Dr. Frankenstein won't even notice? Maybe this will all somehow turn out okay?"

I really hope they're not thinking that. In the real world, Dr. Frankenstein fires Igor. Or his monster. Or his fiancée, or Frau Blücher, or someone, anyone! (I mean, except for Inga.)