Lies About Obamacare Led to These Hilarious Parody Videos

Obama standing in front of a flag with his head raised up

Following Monday’s revelation that the Obama administration knew Obamacare would cause millions to lose their existing health insurance, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new video campaign called “I’m Obamacare,” which parodies the classic “Apple v. PC” ads.

NBC News on Monday revealed that, despite President Obama repeatedly promising everyone could keep their current health insurance once Obamacare became law, the Obama administration has known this was a lie. For at least three years, they were fully aware that at least 40 to 67% of Americans would lose their current plans, but the administration continued to lie to Americans. The White House now admits it lied.

This is one in a series of many Obamacare letdowns, including the false promise of affordable insurance, hi-tech and low-tech website glitches, and huge security concerns that could lead to leaked private information, such as social security numbers.

In its classic "Apple v. PC" ads, Apple poked fun at the inefficiency and numerous shortcomings of PCs in order to show that Apple prodcuts are the better buy. In the new "Private Sector v. Obamacare" ads, the RNC does the same to Obamacare.  

The RNC calls the Obamacare rollout “an unmitigated disaster,” which is why they have released a “new web series depicting the enormous gap between the government and the private sector when it comes to customer service, ease of use, and quality of care.”

One video contrasts Obamacare being down for maintenance with the private sector running well continuously.

Another suggests that if any company in the private sector released something as dysfunctional as Obamacare, someone would be fired, while it does not look like the Obama administration is looking to hold anybody accountable.

The final video points out that Americans will be taxed for not having health insurance, even though they cannot buy it, because the Obamacare website does not work.

The RNC will run the first video during The Daily Show on Tuesday evening. The Daily Show has a young audience, and Obamacare cannot work without millions of young people enrolling. Furthermore, Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, was formerly a big Obamacare advocate, but has switched to berating the Obama administration for the terrible rollout and false promises. Presumably, many of his viewers may echo his sentiment.