Who Should I Vote For NYC Mayor? Here's Why de Blasio Might Be Your Guy

Bill de Blasio in a suit and red striped tie during a debate

Bill de Blasio has promised New Yorkers many things. Some of them sound good, some of them sound unnecessary, and some of some of them sound stupid. If you worry about issues like education, police, and the minimum wage, listen to what de Blasio has to say.

1. Hold the salt, the calories, and the sugar

Even though he bills himself as the anti-Bloomberg, de Blasio supports one famous Bloomberg policy: the attack on unhealthy habits that made Bloomberg look like Nanny Poppins, without the big heart. Stricter smoking bans and calorie labelling of foods at restaurants are just two initiatives de Blasio supports. If he becomes mayor of New York, de Blasio plans on limiting the number of sugary beverages SNAP card recipients can purchase. So if you are poor, drink some water. The city is taking on the role of mommy, and demands you cut down your sugar intake.

2. Safer sex for those who pay for it.

De Blasio’s health platform isn’t just an evasive, and extreme extension of power. In criminal law, condoms can be confiscated in cases involving prostitution. According to one report, prostitutes in New York City claimed the NYPD confiscated condoms from their persons. This has caused some prostitutes to stop carrying condoms with them, and according to de Blasio, “jeopardizes public health by making the spread of sexually transmitted diseases more likely.”

3. Taking from the rich, giving to the poor.

Liberals who want a raise in the minimum wage will be happy with de Blasio. He's pledged to push New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to set a living wage for New Yorkers to improve their quality of life. De Blasio also claims he will increase taxes on New Yorkers making more than $500,000 a year.

4. Stop and Frisk, cop a feel.

If you were violated by the NYPD's Stop and Frisk protocol under the Bloomberg administration, you will no longer receive any groping under de Blasio. De Blasio promises to review and reform Stop and Frisk so minority groups aren’t unfairly targeted. De Blasio criticized the United States court of appeals ruling that temporarily blocked a federally-mandated ruling that put an end to the Stop and Frisk abuses, saying, ”We have to end the overuse of Stop and Frisk – and any delay only means a continued and unnecessary rift between our police and the people they protect.”

5. Fixing schools, one plan at a time.

As most people know, education is struggling in America. New York is no different, and de Blasio has a laundry list of improvements, including fighting school closures. His predecessor closed more than 100 schools during his tenure, instead of working with administrators and teachers to improve failing schools. De Blasio plans on attacking troublesome schools not by shutting their doors, but by investing time and resources into improving the quality of education of they offer. To do this, de Blasio has proposed a tax hike that would fund after school programs for middle school kids, as well as pre-kindergarten courses.