Islam Hate Fueled By Western Media?


Norwich Reformed Church in England was banned from holding a weekly bookstall in Norwich following a complaint it was producing "hate-motivated" literature against Islam. The church has been distributing leaflets entitled “Why not Islam” for about a decade, resulting in a recent complaint to the city council.

We are frequently seeing how the West draws parallels between Islam and terrorism, depicting the religion as a menace to the West. In reality, Islam does not advocate violence or provoke hatred; it is the religion which calls on peace and fairness. But false stereotypes about Islam make it notorious for the Western society.

Following 9/11 and the bombings in London in 2005, anti-Muslims propaganda has become widespread. Indeed, Richard Peppiati a former Daily Star freelancer admitted that editors forced their journalists to fabricate stories on Muslims and immigrants presenting them as a threat to national security adding to the fact that media misleads the society.

By describing Muslims as extremists or terrorists with little understanding of Islam, the media actually provokes hatred between religions. For some reason while calling Islam the religion of violence we tend to forget that none of mullahs even tried to burn Bible instead the Koran was burnt by a preacher in the USA.

Those who misuderstand Islam should think about the Prophet Mohammed's words: "Persons who go to extremes (in practicing their religion) are cursed (by God)."