Two Simple Graphs Prove Racism is Still Accepted in America

Given the sordid history of blackface, one would assume the vast majority of Americans disapprove of its use. Unfortunately, that's not the case. 

A recent YouGov survey asked participants whether it is "acceptable or unacceptable for white people to wear black face make up in order to appear as a black person for Halloween." Shockingly, more Americans than not consider it acceptable.

Check out the graph below: 

Unsurprisingly, there are substantial differences according to racial and partisan lines. Republicans find blackface acceptable by a 59-27  margin, while Democrats consider it unacceptable by a margin of 30-53. Moreover, while one in three whites find blackface unacceptable, about seven in 10 (68%) of black people do.

The survey also asked whether or not it is ever acceptable to dress up as a racial or ethnic stereotype for Halloween. The results were similarly split along racial and partisan lines. 

These results are surprising and depressing in their revelations about racism in the U.S.