There's Actually a Good Explanation For Why a Giant Pair of Testicles Is Roaming Around Brazil

Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer (AAPEC) might have the biggest balls of any cancer related non-profit. Literally.

The organization's new mascot, “Senhor Testiculo” (Mr. Testicle), is a massive pair of testicles, with buck teeth, a big smile, and curly black pubes. Though not a perfect translation, media outlets around the world have dubbed the mascot “Mr. Balls.”

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for millennial men and the most common type of cancer among young adult males in Brazil. Unlike a lot of other diseases, testicular cancer is actually more prevalent in developed countries than in underdeveloped ones, as this Cancer Research UK chart shows:  

Testicular Cancer (C62), World Age-Standardised Incidence and Mortality Rates, World Regions, 2008 Estimates

 Cancer Research UK: November 2013

On the one hand, this is certainly the most disturbing mascot I’ve ever seen. On the other, it has overwhelmingly succeeded in generating buzz and raising awareness for testicular cancer in Brazil.

I, for one, am just disappointed I didn’t find out about this before Halloween.