10 Ways Buddy the Elf Taught Us to Be Better Humans


With the 10-year anniversary of Elf coming up, the definitive start of the Christmas season is upon us (Starbucks has spoken). It seems like the perfect time to remind ourselves why the film became an instant Christmas classic, and what we can all learn from an elf who manages to save Christmas.

1. Always help others.

Never leave anyone stranded in a snowball fight, and always do your best to get the star on top of the tree.

2. Always be honest.

We all have a friend that needs some more deodorant.  Sometimes, you just have to tell them.

3. Be open with your feelings.

There's no use keeping it a secret. If you love someone, you have to let them know.

4. Find joy in the little things.

Life is exhausting, and sometimes it helps to remember the joy of simple things like spinning in a revolving door or hopscotching across a crosswalk.

5. Work sucks, but you have to do it.

Everyone has to do something they don't want to do. You just have to get through it with as much joy as possible. And remember, it could be worse — you could be the guy who tests jack-in-the-boxes.

6. Don't be too strict on your diet.

Sometimes, you have to indulge in the elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.

7. First impressions aren’t everything.

You can always bounce back from humiliation. Just be yourself, and people will love you.

8. Congratulate people on their accomplishments.

Even if their accomplishments aren't really that impressive or even true.

9. There is nothing wrong with having a plan.

Don't let people tell you you're controlling. Plans are good.

10. And, what is most important in life ...

Put your whole heart into everything you do.