Watch What Happens When Jimmy Kimmel Tells Parents to Ruin Their Kids' Halloween


Remember your years of trick-or-treating? How you would run to each new house with a giddy anticipation that rivaled that of Christmas morning (or whichever holiday you celebrate's morning)? Yes, that moment when you weighed your bloated pillowcase on your parents' bathroom scale was one of the proudest in your young life. Now imagine Jimmy Kimmel destroying that.

That doesn't sound too appealing from a childhood perspective, but as an adult it's hilarious. You've probably heard about this bit: Kimmel asks his fans to tell their kids that the parents have eaten all of the Halloween candy, take a video of the reaction, and send it to him. He has been doing this for three years now, and this latest installment is arguably the best one yet.

Some will say that this prank is cruel to children. Admittedly, I understand how taking advantage of a child's blind trust in his or her parents can sound a bit dark. In the end, though, a few wails and fits provide much more laughter and fun than they do pain. My parents were pranksters themselves, and though leaving me at a restaurant as collateral for a meal was a bit traumatizing, we still laugh about it to this day.

The video captures kids at their best and worst moments. Some shriek like wild banshees while others are too overwhelmed with devastation to be angry. A few kids even accept the tragic news with shocking politeness, thus restoring my faith in modern parenting. Take a look at the video and enjoy these adorable little tykes as Jimmy Kimmel manipulates all their emotions.