Two Planes Collided Mid-Air, Launching 10 People Into a 12,000-Foot Free Fall

Two planes colliding in mid-air

Two sky-diving planes collided in mid-air on Saturday, which caused a spectacular crash 12,000 feet above ground. The scene was captured by several helmet cameras, and the video has already gathered half a million views on YouTube. The insane footage shows several skydivers getting blown away by the explosion. They are free falling as a giant fireball blazes above their heads.


Perhaps more incredible than the crash itself is the lack of casualties. Not only did the nine divers and their two pilots survive, but none of them were seriously injured. And, interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning, they all said they would jump again.

What are the practical applications of skydiving? Besides the obviously addictive adrenaline rush, does this perilous activity better prepare you for emergencies? Would a seasoned skydiver be able to grab a parachute and jump off to warn Obama if his plane got hijacked by terrorists?

Until today, I remained highly skeptical. But I guess that in moments like this, skydiving training can really pay off.