11 Reasons Patton Oswalt is the King Of Twitter


Is Patton Oswalt the king of Twitter? The court jester? Whatever your views are on Patton's patented brand of humor, you can't deny that the provocateur comedian is an original. Nearly 1.5 million of his Twitter followers know to expect the unexpected — from politically inspired nano rants to well-structured serial tweets to a feud with Salon. And don't forget the classic gotchas.

Here are 11 tweets that showcase just how funny a pro can be in 140 characters (or less): 

1. Patton On the Taliban

2. Patton On "Right Wing Hater-Mongers"

3. Patton On a Famous Weiner

4. Patton On 'Lethal Weapon''s Life Lessons

5. Patton On Gun-Toting Crazies

6. Patton On Technology Best Practices

7. Patton On Home Decor

8. Patton On the Knock-Knock Joke

9. Patton On Lindsay Lohan

10. Patton On the Ironic Hashtag

11. Patton On a Familiar Frenemy