What Alabama Crimson Tide Can Teach Barack Obama About Winning in 2012


Today at the White House, President Obama honored the BCS Champions Alabama Crimson Tide in a ceremony on the South Lawn. Obama is an avid sports fan and has hosted many champions including the Boston Bruins and Tony Stewart.

But are there any big ideas Obama can take away from the Crimson Tide, the No. 2 team that blanked the No. 1 LSU Tigers 21-0 in the championship?

Obama should learn from the BCS championship game by playing defense, controlling the line of scrimmage and kicking field goals if he is going to win against Romney in November.

The BCS Championship game was very reminiscent of a political struggle. Both teams did a lot of punting, whoever controlled the line of scrimmage scored the most points, and with the exception of one touchdown, every time a team drove into the red zone and scored, they kicked an extra point field goal.

Here is how Obama should mimic the Crimson Tide in order to ensure victory in 2012:

Defense wins championships. LSU won the first "juggernaut match-up" between the two top-ranked teams in the regular season before they met again in the BCS championship. How did Alabama blow them out in the championship? Superior defense. Obama should continue his successful campaign at deflecting any attempts by his rival that would label him an extremist. Right now the media likes to hate Republicans more than your average American cares about the looming debt. This defensive strategy will work to keep Mitt Romney's Republicans from moving the ball any closer to passing their budget plan.

Control the line of scrimmage. Rely on your linebackers. Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw won the defensive MVP for the game with seven tackles and a sack. Obama needs to rely on guys like Senate Leader Harry Reid and Press Secretary Jay Carney to keep the president's agenda moving in Congress and to make sure he gets the right spin in the press. With the current Senate, Obama is going to have success as long as people think the rich aren't paying their fair share and Republican's won't compromise on a budget.

Kick field goals. Alabama won 21-0. They kicked 5 field goals before they scored a touchdown. Obama needs to stop throwing for the end zone like he did when he first ran and was elected. Obamacare was a "Hail Mary" ruled a touchdown, but is currently under review, and it may be overturned. If Obama would give up on taxing the rich, he could get a budget passed . This would be a nice field goal and get some points on the board. Killing Osama Bin Laden was another field goal. If he could kick a few more field goals, then maybe he could get one in the end zone and finish off Romney.

In the end, Alabama won with superb field goals. Touchdowns did not come until the end of the game. Obama should kick some field goals, rely on solid defense and he will put up some big points before November.