Ron Paul Wins Presidency in 'Revolution' Video Game


Ron Paul can easily win the presidency. All you, as a Ron Paul Revolution supporter, have to do is get through all 50 levels of the new Ron Paul Road to REVOLUtion video game and destroy the Federal Reserve.

That’s right, there is now a Ron Paul video game. Eat your heart out Ron Paul Nation.

All the normal Ron Paul Revolution themes are present: gold, an immense hatred for the Federal Reserve, a presidential campaign based on acquiring delegates.

And just like that Ron Paul has become the coolest candidate in the 2012 election.


Video game developer Daniel Williams for the last year or so has been dedicated to making “liberty sexy." He came up with the idea for the Ron Paul video game and has spent a month building it.

Williams posted a project on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, where he asks for more money to finish the project. The site works by setting a monetary goal. If the goal is reached, the project is funded. Williams apparently hit his goal within three days. 

The goal of the game is for Paul to become the president and shut down the Federal Reserve. In the game you play as Paul, who has to go through all 50 states to collect gold and delegates. Based on the Kickstarter video, the game looks a lot like a 2-D Mario game, in which Paul hops around collecting coins and stopping down on enemies.

Delegates earn Paul the title of president, while gold coins unlock branches of the Federal Reserve. 

There are 13 boss fights (representing the 13 branches of the Federal Reserve) in the game. Any good gamer knows that these boss fights have to be on an epic level similar to King Kuppa, Metal Gear Rex, or the Covenant (gamers, you know what I mean). Williams told CBS News that one of the "baddies" will be British economist John Maynard Keynes.

Comedy aside, this game does very much show, that Ron Paul is the 2012 candidate with the finger on the cultural pulse of young Americans.

I mean, a video game is almost as good as Justin Bieber endorsing the libertarian (Kelly Clarkson kind of already did, but got bashed for it).

Williams asked for $5,000 to pay for costs related to developing the game. The game should be done in the next two months — just in time for the peak of the 2012 elections.

Where can you buy this video game masterpiece? The web version will be 100% free, Williams’ “contribution to the Revolution,” as he puts it. He also envisions a mobile app and possibly an Xbox Live version.

How eager are you to go through the 50-state GOP primary helping spread liberty?

Welcome to the new revolution.