Bob Marley Wishes You a Happy 420


In honor of 4/20, I was going to write a piece about how stupid the drug war is, how much money it wastes, and how much violence it perpetuates. But everyone already knows these facts.

The cops, lawyers, and bureaucrats who perpetuate this insanity know better than anyone just how much harm they are causing society through their prohibition of drugs. Yet, they continue on. They do it because a paycheck is a paycheck; especially when you don't have to worry about market competition putting your nut job enterprise out of business. Drug cartel kingpins and bankers are also in favor of prohibition for similar reasons.

Who is worse? The cop that makes his paycheck by holding a gun to his "customers'" heads, or the street dealer who has to work hard to please his customers, and not only face market competition, but also the wrath of the criminal state and potential rival gangs? At least the street dealer isn't out robbing people to earn his paycheck. The street dealer has to offer a service that customers are voluntarily willing to pay for if he wants to get paid. Not so with the kleptocracy that claims to be protecting our property rights.

The real part of the drug war that I find particularly revolting is the fact that juries have been brainwashed into convicting people over this nonsense. Granted, it's not entirely their fault. Most states have barred defense attorneys from making nullification arguments. In most states, a defense attorney who argues for jury nullification would face disbarment. . 

But there is a small light at the end of this dark tunnel. Several states have taken steps to legalize marijuana for "medicinal" uses. Obviously, this is something we should celebrate on this day of thanksgiving. So in light of this festive occasion, I offer you a song by the great marijuana pop culture icon, Bob Marley.