Why Ann Romney Would Make a Great First Lady


What  advice can we expect Ann Romney to give her husband should Mitt Romney become the next president ? Family values, an expansive category that is certainly not limited to education, faith, or the economy.

Mrs. Romney, a stay-at-home mother of five boys, earned her Bachelor's degree by attending night school, but was unable to pursue her desired Master’s degree initially because of a growing family, and later because of her health. As someone who received excellent schooling, she respects the value of education and supported her husband’s quest to complete law school and business school. Further, she volunteered for several charities, including the United Way, whose focus includes education, income, and health. Additionally, her position as Director of Best Friends Foundation put her at the center of social issues in the inner-city public middle and high schools. The foundation promotes self-respect and self-control related to support for rejection of violence, drug and alcohol use, abuse, and sex. Mrs. Romney also was a volunteer instructor at the Mother Caroline Academy which is a multicultural inner-city school for girls in Boston. She has tied her family values in with education and worked to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Serving as Government Liaison to the White House of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, Mrs. Romney felt that religious organizations were better positioned to help some people in need. Both Mitt and Ann have repeatedly shown a strong sense of devotion to God, not entirely unlike our Founders. Though they have chosen a specific denomination, Mitt has historically varied from tradition, especially in the area of civil rights where he chose to walk with and support Blacks during the civil rights marches and opposed the protests against the Vietnam War. Their religious philosophy of family, faith, and hard work has been the foundation with which they have lived their lives and raised their children.

Ah, the economy. The word ‘economy’ is actually derived from the Greek word oikonomí? which means household management. Successful mothers know a lot about household management. While her husband travelled on business, Ann had the responsibility of appropriately managing their income. While some may say she had “hired help,” I know that in my own family with only two childre,n I, too, have hired help … babysitters, doctors, teachers. Beyond that, Mrs. Romney has a strong educational background that lends to being able to comprehend economics. Her many positions in volunteer organizations addressed the value of programs and donations, which correlates to strong financial evaluation and decision making. Most importantly, as a mother and wife, she legitimately understands the stressors that happen in a home and is fully capable of speaking on the concerns of raising a family and how the economy impacts it. Her volunteer work with at-risk youth and inner-city families has kept her close to, and in touch with, those who are less fortunate, thus allowing her to experience first-hand and help alleviate the difficulties they face.

In a time of absolute uncertainty of the future of our country, I have confidence that Ann Romney will be a fighting voice of values that put the needs of families first. She has selflessly spent a lifetime working to help others through example, consistency, and leadership. Mrs. Romney embodies the American Dream of raising our posterity in a fashion the Founders would be proud of, and that will certainly strengthen our social values amidst the necessary economic changes our country must surely face.