White House Tweets Target the Republican Party Over Obamacare


Today, many people who frequent twitter may have noticed a trending hashtag "#PeopleOverPolitics." The White House tweeted a series of statements using that hashtag to attack the Republican Party.

Each tweet targeted a state Republican Party for not supporting Obamacare, including the Texas GOP, the North Carolina GOP, and the Florida GOP. The statements were befitting of a political machine, not a branch of government. 

The White House, as an institution, should not be attacking a political party. This is extremely inappropriate. The job of the White House is to serve the people, not the interests of the party in power. If Congress itself put out a series of statements attacking a political party, people would be appalled. While individual politicians, organizations, and staff make political statements, this is very different. This is an institution — an embodiment of America which represents America to the world — targeting a political party. 

 Although the White House used the hashtag #PeopleOverPolitics … I think they meant to use #PoliticsOverPeople.