National Toy Hall of Fame: 10 Terrible Toys That Will Never Make It In


The finalists for the 2013 National Toy Hall of Fame were announced Wednesday morning.

A total of 12 toys had the chance to make it to the hall, including bubbles, "Clue," and little green army men. All of them are worthy of standing in the hall of fame. After all, they're responsible for keeping us entertained and out of our parent's hair for countless hours (sorry for the mess we left behind). 

But just as there are toys worthy of entering the hall of fame, there are some toys that will never deserve to be entered into the hall of fame. The toys that haunted our dreams or caused us, and others, bodily harm.

Here’s only a few examples. Feel free to add your own hated toys to the list. 

1. Moon Shoes

Your first introduction to false advertising. The only guarantee that came with these shoes was that of a hurt ankle and broken dreams. 

2. Baby Alive

With creepy life-like chewing motions, this doll eats the plastic food that comes in the box. Batteries, thank goodness, not included. 

3. Yo-Yo Ball

If I had a nickel for every time this thing broke on me, I'd have enough money to pay someone to teach me how to actually use a real yo-yo. 

4. Sit 'N Spin

Two things were wrong with this one. #1, half the time it made you dizzy and you ended up throwing up on the basement rug. #2, the other half of the time, it didn't work and you were just stuck sitting there with no spinning. 

5. Magic Potty Baby

As if a doll that eats wasn't enough, now kids can help their doll un-dress and go to the bathroom.  

6. MegaBloks

The cheap Lego knockoffs. Honestly, what could you ever build with these? 

7. Sky Dancers

Step 1: Pull string. Step 2: Launch chaos around the house. These toys were actually recalled, after being deemed too dangerous for children. 

8. Rad Repeatin' Tarzan

Not until this toy hit the shelves did the producers realize there was a problem with it. I guess Tarzan got lonely in the jungle. 

9. Mr. Bucket

So let me get this straight. You expect kids to play a game where the whole purpose is to clean up after a bucket that keeps spitting its contents out onto the floor? Okay, geniuses. 

10. McDonalds Drive-Thru Playset

Dear kids, your mom and dad didn't put any money in your trust fund, so here's a way for you to start getting ready for that minimum wage job. Love, your parents.