Home Depot Tweet Shows Amazing Tone-Deafness

Home Depot, the sponsor of ESPN’s College Gameday, regularly tries to promote its brand through funny tweets about the weekly football show. Unfortunately, their last attempt ended in a case of monumental screwup yesterday with the tweet below, which featured two African-American bucket drummers and a guy dressed up in a gorilla suit. Instead of provoking laughs as intended, the tweet provoked something else — outrage. Here's the tweet: 

Yeah ... I know, it's bad. And not even remotely funny ...

While the tweet wasn't entertaining, the panicked response from Home Depot sure as hell was. The company basically copied and pasted the same response to everyone who'd tweeted about the joke.

The responses to the panicked Home Depot responses were even funnier. 

And this one...

The employee who tweeted the image has, quite predictably, been terminated, and Home Depot has continued to apologize profusely for the image. It is worth noting that almost as soon as the joke was tweeted it was pulled, but not before dozens of Twitter users had already taken screenshots of it. 

As a Home Depot spokesman said, "We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive." And, to the Huffington Post"We’re ... closely reviewing our social media procedures to determine how this could have happened, and how to ensure it never happens again."