George Clooney to Host $40K Per Ticket Barack Obama Hollywood Fundraising Dinner [+video]


It is no wonder President Obama flaunts a 10-to-1 edge over likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney when it comes to “on hand” campaign cash. Team Obama has just announced it has increased its campaign war chest to over $100 million, thanks to the $20 million raised in March alone, an increase of $8 million compared to the previous month, with $35 million raised by the reelection campaign and the rest brought in by the Democratic National Committee.

In the meantime, former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney raised $13.1 during the same month (the best so far for his campaign) increasing his hands on cash to about $10.1 million, a paltry sum when compared with what the president has on hand a little over six months before the November election.

And since the president knows it’s just a matter of time before the pro-GOP Super PACs start pouring unlimited and undisclosed money into Romney’s coffers, his reelection team is ramping up its fundraising with events like the upcoming May 10 dinner at the Hollywood home of actor and director George Clooney, a lavish $40,000 per ticket affair attended by luminaries such as DreamWorks CEO and pro-Obama PAC donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, who last year donated $2 million to Priorities USA Action “to prevent the hijacking of the elections by Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and other extreme right wing special interest money.”

But the Obama camp has saved a few seats for “grassroot supporters” from the 99% to mingle with the 1 percenters of the Hollwyood and Washington royalty, and “meet George Clooney and Barack Obama – at Clooney’s house!”

That’s how Juliana Smoot, the Deputy Manager of Obama’s reelection effort, announced it in an April 19 e-mail to supporters willing to donate $3 for the chance to “hang out” with the Hollywood–Washington power duo, though the official rules claim no purchase is mandatory to enter the contest, and making a contribution “will not improve chances of winning.” 

So here’s the form if you’re interested and are willing to submit to a background check prior to the engagement. It may be worthy as you’d get to tell your grandmother you hung out with that idol of hers, Barbra Streisand.       

In the meantime, for all of the economic inequality rhetoric and “millionaire Mitt” bashing, the Democrats – who reversed their position of Citizens United and the evil Super PACs – are now laughing all the way to the bank embracing the special interest money they once claimed to detest while blasting Willard Mitt Romney for being a “flip-flopper.”

Watch President Obama’s Super PAC flip-flop mash up below, do you think he’s being hypocritical when it comes to campaign financing?