4 Reasons Why George Zimmerman Will Not Try to Flee the Country


On April 11, Zimmerman was arrested after a number of public protests following the shooting death of the 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. This arrest came almost 45 days after the deadly shooting. Nine days following his arrest, Zimmerman has been granted bail by Judge Kenneth Lester, who is presiding over the case. The prosecutor wanted the judge to deny him bail. There is some speculation that Zimmerman might try to flee once he is released on bond. However, there are four reasons why it would be highly unlikely that Zimmerman would attempt to flee the country.

4) Judge Lester sets his bond at $150,000. Although the prosecutor wanted his bail to be set at $1 million, the $150,000 bond is still a hefty sum. If Zimmerman were to flee, the money would most likely be forfeited. Since it would be unlikely that Zimmerman would be paying for his own bail, the person or persons who would put up the money might not have been willing to do so if there were a chance that they could lose the money.

3) Zimmerman would be under constant surveillance. For instance, his movement would be monitored by means of satellites and he would have to follow a strict curfew, which has been set from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Furthermore, he might have to wear a bracelet, which would make it even easier to track down his movement.   

2) Zimmerman had surrendered his passport. Thus, even if he wants to flee, Zimmerman would be severely limited as to where he could go. The only viable option would be either Mexico or Canada.  The U.S. has signed an extradition treaty with Canada; he would certainly be returned to the states if he were to go to Canada. If he decides to go to Mexico, he would also be likely to be extradited to the U.S. since both countries also have an extradition agreement. 

1) More importantly, any attempt to leave the country would be interpreted by Trayvon’s parents and many people as an admission of guilt on the part of Zimmerman. Therefore, if he were to get caught making such a foolish attempt, it would be almost a guarantee that he would get convicted for the crime.

After Zimmerman gets bailed out in a few days, there would always be a slim possibility that he might attempt to flee, particularly since he would be allowed to leave Florida. However, although there is a small chance that he could try to run away, he has more to lose than to gain because the odds are against him. Hence, it is highly unlikely that Zimmerman would try to leave the country as he awaits for his trial to start.