Frozen McRib Looks As Gross As You'd Expect


In Tuesday's contribution to dream-crushing images, a Redditor has shared a photo of a box of pre-cooked McRib meat. Eww.

The photo is tough blow for many McDonald's fans. As we get closer to winter, the traditional McRib season, it will be difficult to accept the McRib is actually a pink-Styrofoam shoe sole. Without the comfort of their favorite McDonald's "sandwich," desperate masochists will have to see elsewhere for meat-like products that come in equally congruent unnatural shapes. (Might I suggest meatless chicken patties?) But nothing will be quite the same as the legendary McRib. Just look at the odd pink-bubblegum color and the inexplicable texture. How could anything else ever compare?

Yet McRib addicts should be encouraged, not worried. This image will soon be forgotten, like last year's unfortunate bout of I.B.S. and that weird month of radiation poisoning. Ultimately nothing will get between a McRib and his McAddict, not even crippling moments of truth.