Nike 'Make it Count' Campaign Teaches Millennials to Live Life to the Fullest


"Life is either daring adventure or nothing" – Helen Keller

The above quote is one of many used to describe the sentiment behind the latest video sensation, entitled "Make It Count." The popular 5-minute viral video traces two young men traveling around the world in 10 days, and captures the essence of stopping to smell the roses, something that our generation often forgets. 

When Nike called up Casey Neistat and Max Joseph to direct a video for their new merchandise, the Nike FuelBand, they did not expect to hear that the two had spend the money allocated for the project a 10-day splurge trip all across the world. Neistat assured viewers that Nike was not upset by the video in an interview.

Why would they be? The video, which has now over 4 million views and counting, begins with the unwrapping of a FuelBand, and then displays #makeitcount on the screen. If any viewers out there are like me, they immediately looked up the slogan, “Make It Count,” which shows Nike’s webpage promoting the new item. 

Of course, Neistat’s approach goes beyond clever marketing. It takes the message to another level for our generation. As the video progresses, Neistat and Joseph travel to some of the most beautiful countries and cities in the world. Neistat is depicted running in front all of these great places, as the words of some of history's greatest minds like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi flash across the screen. The film calls for us to not let life go by, but to live in the moment.

I am sure millennials have all heard this time and time again. However, in the blaze of classes, leadership positions, interviews, internships, volunteer work, and trying to sleep, we often get lost. Millennials are mega-involved, but how often can anyone say that they really had an adventure? It is easier said than done, but perhaps a few of us should really listen to what this video is about, and take the message to heart. We are only young once, and after that, this time will just be memories. 

I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough – Albert Einstein