See the Offensive License Plate That Got a School Bus Driver Suspended


A San Diego Unified School District has put a bus driver, Shawn Calpito, on leave after someone noticed that his new vanity license plate on his car referenced Nazism. The license plate reads "NOT SEE," easily winning the award for most bigoted pun.

Directly above the plate is a large swastika, just in case someone on the road missed sight of his anti-semitism. The swastikas above the license plate has reportedly been on Calpito's license plate for months, drawing complaints at the district's transportation facility. But it was the poorly-punned license plate that earned the driver his suspension. The Department of Motor Vehicles is asking that he surrender the license plate.

The scary part: As a school bus driver, Calpito works with dozens of kids each day.

See the ABC 10 San Diego report: