PlayStation 4 Screenshots Are Virtually Indistinguishable From Real Photos

It's getting harder to tell what's reality these days.

Sony's Playstation 4 is officially out, and with it, consumers can enjoy some of the most mind-blowing graphics ever brought to a console gaming platform. Unlike Xbox One, which has as much of a focus on multimedia as it does gaming, the PS4 focuses pretty much exclusively on providing a powerhouse gaming experience. And according to early reviews, it does it well.

PS4 has some of the prettiest games ever made as well. How good is the PS4 at providing a near-real-life graphics experience? I bet you can't tell the difference between five photos and five PS4 screenshots below. There are tons of little giveaways, but on first glance, it's pretty hard to tell.

Is this cheating and cherry-picking? Well, yeah, but even the best-looking last-gen games didn't come close to this level of photorealism. And developers haven't even begun to push the platform to its limits.

(Answer key at bottom.)











Answer key:

1. TheGeekAndTheEOS, Photo, DeviantArt

2. The Division, PS4

3. InFAMOUS Second Son, PS4

4. LittleBlondGoth, Photo, DeviantArt

5. Nichole Sierra, Photo, DeviantArt

6. BattleField 4, PS4

7. fishtankbabe, Photo, DeviantArt

8. Daylight, PS4

9. Graid, Photo, DeviantArt

10. Need For Speed Rivals, PS4