San Francisco Turned Into Gotham to Make a 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Dream Come True

In the most heart-warming story you'll read today, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is helping fulfill five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott's dream by transforming San Francisco into Gotham City.

Hundreds of volunteers helped transform the city early Friday, and throughout the day Miles has been running around in his "batkid" costume helping the San Francisco Police Department fight crime.

It all started early in the day, when when Police Chief Greg Suhr called Miles asking for help, and Miles took off in a Batmobile. There was a damsel in distress for Miles to rescue as well as the Riddler robbing a bank vault on Montgomery Street. 

After battling a host of other crimes, Miles will receive an award for his service from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee at City Hall later this afternoon. 

Here is the picture of Miles rescuing the damsel in distress: 

And a Vine of Batkid loading the Riddler into a paddey-wagon: 

Batkid has been taking over social media, too: 

So what are you waiting for? Follow Batkid on Twitter at #SFBatkid before the event ends! After all, do you really want to miss this?