Mother's Day 2012: Family Time is the Most Priceless Gift


This Mother’s Day, I would like to encourage everyone to celebrate the privilege of motherhood. I am blessed with two beautiful children and have learned more from them than they will ever know (until they become parents themselves). What I hope to leave with them is the knowledge that they are loved and accepted, and that they can change the world. 

For me, the joy of Mother’s Day is not about presents, meals, or going to the spa. Rather, my ideal celebration is spending the day with my children doing something quiet and something unexpected. Our quiet celebration consists of sitting on the porch swing and “listening to our world.” It helps us to connect to nature as we are surrounded by so many gifts from God. Through this time, my children have learned to look beyond themselves and see something new and beautiful in an environment they are immersed in everyday. Time pauses … and I remember to breathe and appreciate what is important. I am not sure what we will do that is unexpected this year. That’s the fun part: No plans. We just do what feels good. No matter what we do, the focus is on being together, laughing a lot, and honoring the pleasures of motherhood.

On the humorous side, “Motherhood the Musical” has become popular with songs like “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” and “The Kids are Finally Asleep.” This performance is currently running in Philadelphia and Chicago (soon to open in Providence, RI). As tough as parenting can sometimes be, laughter and knowing that many of us share very similar experiences can be a great way for older children to re-connect with their moms. Even with difficult relationships, Mother’s Day reminds us that we are each an imperfect gift and sometimes finding some common ground may help us grow and become better parents ourselves.

We all remember lessons from our parents. Here are some things I teach my kids:

I always end our conversations with, “I love you.” You never know when it will be your last. When times are tough, “Remember that one second at a time is still forward progress.”  Each person is unique and beautiful in their own special way. God will teach you who He is, better than anyone or anything ever will. History is important: If you know where you came from, you might have a better idea which direction you are heading. Feel good in your own skin. Be a leader. The word “can’t” is not in our vocabulary. Rather, “I haven’t yet learned.” Sometimes the hardest thing you will ever do is the right thing … But it is still the right thing to do. Always give more than you were asked and work harder than you thought you could. Listen. Think about what you want to say. Then respond clearly. And be kind. You can change the world.

So this Mother’s Day, I hope both children and mothers find something special that is quiet and unexpected. Perhaps they will occur simultaneously. Reach out to someone with a smile and say, “Thank you for being a Mom.” We all agree that parenting is the hardest job on Earth. Let’s celebrate this holiday with acceptance, love, and common ground. Oh yeah, and laughter. Lots of laughter.