A Batkid Movie Trailer Exists and It's the Most Epic Thing You'll See

On November 15, San Francisco turned itself into Gotham City for 5-year-old cancer patient and Make-a-Wish foundation award winner Miles. He wanted to be Batman for a day.

It was amazing. 

The city and the world followed along on social media and live video. Grown men and women were reduced to tears as Miles, now better known as Batkid, saved a damsel in distress, caught The Riddler, and even busted into AT&T field, where he took down the Penguin and saved the Giants mascot.

Now he has a movie trailer:

San Francisco ended up spending about $105,000 on the festivities. In comparison, it spends $150,000 on July 4 celebrations.

But while the festivities of the day definitely recalled the campy Adam West Batman of the 1960s, fan trailer "Batkid Rises" takes Batkid into the 21st century, with dark slow-mo segments and dramatic music.

Here's just a sampling of Batkid's social media takeover last week:

And we might have Batkid for years to come. According to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Miles' cancer is in remission.