5 Things You Should NEVER Post on Facebook to Keep Your Dignity


Facebook has 845 million users, and allows us to share photos, statuses, and updates on our life with hundreds of friends and family members. However, with all this accessibility, there is also a tendency for some of us to go overboard. 

We have all seen the over-the-top posts, statuses, and the sometimes too lewd photos. These posts are the ones that make you seem weird, silly, and sometimes just plain unclassy. Who wants to be stamped as unclassy? The answer is noone. After careful consideration, and an informal poll of my friends, here is the list of things to avoid posting on Facebook at all costs:

1. Moment by moment recaps

Your day is important, there is no denying that. However, none of your friends appreciate seeing your statuses pop-up every time you do something. Between seeing you wake up, take a shower, get stuck in traffic, see a weird cloud in sky, and all the times you successfully went to the bathroom, you have lost everyone’s interest.

 2. Making your status a diary

We all love knowing what is going on with your life, but there is always a line. Whether you just broke up with your significant other, or your roommates didn’t invite you when they went out for fro-yo last night, putting your personal rants on Facebook is just not appropriate. This also includes the cryptic messages that make your friends ask you what is wrong, and if you are okay.

3. How much you drank last night

No one wants to know how trashed you were last night, or what awful things your frat brothers did to your face. You had fun, and your friends are all thrilled, but not thrilled enough to know about how you streaked naked at that killer party you were at last night, and that you are not sure where your left shoe is.

4. Posting bathroom mirror photos

We have all seen these, and some of us are definitely guilty of this. The photos of you flexing, striking a pose, or shirtless are just strange and unnatural, and they should not happen. It makes your friends feel a bit awkward just seeing them, and can you blame them?

5. Chain likes

Chain likes are the new version of those creepy chain emails and texts where if you get 10 likes, then something good will happen to you. Ex. "Like" this to save this child, or “Like" if you love Jesus.” Just like we learned with the chain emails, nothing is going to happen. Unlike our emails, which are private, these posts are there for all your viewers to see. Don’t be a victim of chain liking.