This is the Coolest Holiday Movie Trailer You'll See. Period.

With a sequel to It's a Wonderful Life apparently in the works for some awful, ill-fathomed reason, this might be the last year that Americans will get to enjoy George Bailey's quest to save Bedford Falls from turning into Pottersville completely untainted.

Well, until now. This year's big Christmas movie - Martin Scorcese's The Wolf Of Wall Street - just got mashed up with It's a Wonderful Life, giving us the darker side of Bailey that we all knew was lurking just below the surface. In this version, Leonardo DiCaprio is filled in for by Jimmy Stewart, Wall Street's energy-crazed stock markets are replaced by a seedy Bedford Falls, and FBI investigation is replaced by shootouts with the local constabulary - but the same manic energy remains. See the trailer below for a better recut version of It's a Wonderful Life than anyone in Hollywood is likely to come up with.

Based, of course, off the original here: