Learn From the Internet: Use Spectacle and Skill

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The internet is fantastic at engaging people. Not because everyone has ADHD and not because people can't focus on social interaction. Because the internet has a new generation of media outlets that scan everywhere for the most engaging stuff. The success of websites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and of course, PolicyMic is not proof of a dying civilization but proof that comedy, parody, poetry, and music get things across. But only if it's good.

For too long shoddy roleplay, educational plays and 'tonight on a special episode of Blossom' broadcasts have formed a large part of our education of everybody: spoonfeed and moralize and everybody will get the point. But songs? Comedy? Interactive games? Even immersive theater like Punchdrunk. People engage when they are forced to engage by the nature of the beast. You can't make people care if education doesn't require care during the process.

Viral media and pop culture cannot be ignored in the education of the world anymore.

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