Cato Talking Shop Lunch Features PolicyMic, Daily Caller, and Townhall


On Friday, PolicyMic co-founder Jake Horowitz will be speaking at the Cato Institute, as a part of the organization's monthly "Talking Shop" new media lunch.

Twitter, blogs, and digital media have made news instant and provided the public with more options for information than ever. But, with fewer barriers to entry, this new landscape is bursting with content, creating a new challenge for writers hoping to distinguish themselves from an ever-growing crowd: How do you get noticed or make your voice heard above the crowd?

Jake joins The Daily Caller's Peter Tucci and Townhall's Kevin Glass for a presentation and Q&A on this question and more. He'll be discussing how to create a compelling title, identify news hooks, and engage with you audience. All three panelists will provide viewers with practical tools to help take advantage of today's increasingly democratized editorial process and be successful in the online news environment. 

The even will be held at noon (12:00 - 1:30pm) in the George M. Yaeger Conference Center at the Cato Institute. Along with the other panelists, Jake will be taking questions from the audience.

A note from Cato: To register for this event, please email Please arrive early. Seating is limited and not guaranteed.