Jump Start the Conversation


Young adults are thrown into a world full of new information. I have just started college and I still know so little about what goes into being self-sufficient. When I try to push off towards independence, I get pushed back. What has helped me is using Youtube, filled with people going through the same issues or just on the other side of these issues. The Fireside Hangouts were kind of a highlight for me because they gave people a chance to talk with people in high positions of government and ask the questions that it seemed no one really did. If we set up more of these, bringing in politicians, Youtubers, and reporters to ask the questions that help us understand how healthcare and Obamacare work. This doesn’t just have to be a Youtube thing though, having a Facebook page where people could post or message a question and get responses either during the Hangouts or by whoever runs the page. There are so many ways to get answers out to us we just need to have the tools to ask.