"Tweak" Obamacare with Universal Medicare Eligibility


This is meant to be a policy proposal suggesting ways that we can “tweak” Obamacare.

Where do tweaks end and overhauls begin?

Liberals never liked the ACA. It's a reheated Heritage Foundation fix we took because it was better than nothing. Remember?

Yet here we are, trying to save a ship we never liked because the alternative feels like absolute defeat.

It’s the world the Tea Party made. It's action movie politics, where phony stakes make every policy proposal into cut-the-blue-wire-and-hope-to-God-it-works. If it doesn't, then GOP says "See?" and we do nothing for a generation.

This is their strategy, and it's a good one.

But if those are the rules we have to play by, then why not at least wager on something we actually believe in? If we're going all in, let's go all in for a popular, proven winner.

Let's "tweak" Obamacare by amending it to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 18. Call it a "public option".

What’s the worst the GOP could do? Cry "death panels" and socialism?