Tell Young People: Your economic future is seriously threatened if you do not have ACA


What do young people fear?  They fear that they cannot buy what they want.  And they fear bill collectors.  So tell young people to sign-up for ACA because even worse than not getting health care when they need it is getting health care and then having bills that ruin their financial life, maybe forever!

Medical Bills can mean:

1) Bill collectors calling them day and night. 

2) Credit score going down so far they cannot buy a car, buy a house, get credit cards.  

3) Income garnishment. 

4) Employers that will not hire people with financial problems or low credit scores.  

5) Credit card companies will raise card interest rates. 

6) Mortgage agreements that change due to lowered credit scores, even cancelled mortgage.  

7) Extended families can self-destruct trying to pay heath care bills for a loved one.