Obamacare Isn’t Broken, Education About It Is


We are a country deeply divided. Both sides of the divide are guilty of feeding constituents a steady diet of partisan half truths about the ACA. The law isn’t the problem; the problem is the public’s education about the law.

The current system of disseminating information regarding law details, with facts being shared through partisan filters, is not adequately serving our citizens. As of September, 56% of Americans thought the media had focused more on ACA related controversies than on its impact on individuals. Early this fall nearly half of Americans were not sure if the ACA was still law. Millennials are being urged by the White House to buy health insurance yet we are the demographic least familiar with the ACA.

If health care reform is to succeed the public needs accurate, understandable information presented by a bipartisan agency outside the legislative branch. Effective governing is done not with veils but with transparency and honesty. Let us once again be one nation, indivisible.