Balancing Opportunity, Compassion, and Responsibility

ByJoshua Ginsberg

1. If you are under 18 years of age, you get free health insurance coverage. A more successful America gives every kid as much of a chance as possible, regardless of who their parents are. Guaranteed medical coverage aids equality of opportunity.

2. If you have a chronic debilitating genetic disease - think Down Syndrome , MS, CF, MD - you get free health coverage. Your life and your family's life are hard enough supporting your needs, and we're a wealthy, compassionate society. High costs aren't just a risk for you - they're a certainty.

3. If you're poor and over 18, you get a check. You can spend it on health insurance. You can spend it on something else. Your call.

4. Shift the tax incentives away from employers to individuals for purchase of insurance. There needs to be an individual insurance market.

5. Allow purchasing insurance across state lines. Let states compete at better regulation.

6. Promote HDHP/HSA for cost effective coverage.

7. Let nonprofits do the rest.