Be the Healthiest You

ByIrene Zampetoulas

In the search for information, users are guided by interest and necessity. For many Millennials, interest in Obamacare may or may not be present. Yet, the reality that sickness comes uninvited should compel us to approach matters of health and illness with the maturity and understanding they demand of us. A young person may have the ability and creative genius to accomplish their dreams but not without the health and time to do so.

The administration must communicate a simple truth to young Americans: youth is not ours forever. The best use of outreach is using the means with which we ourselves communicate with one another. A media campaign across social media, radio, and television that encapsulates a proactive and personal message: Be the Healthiest You. Health is both a matter of public importance and personal consequence. The ACA will provide the resources for prevention, wellness, and treatment. The public's task is to embrace the law and make health a priority.