Make More Patient-Centered Plans


High deductible plans have been shown to curb the cost of healthcare while allowing more choices to patients. Several plans offered in the exchanges have already met the deductible limits to qualfy for an HSA.

These ideas would empower patients and doctors to manage their healthcare.  

First, consider providing more subsidies for catastrophic plans and remove the age limit for enrollment into these plans. There is no reason why we can't have young and older people enroll in these plans. People can put their premium savings into an HSA, which would grow tax-free. 

Second, remove the maximum an individual can contribute to their HSAs so people can put more of their untaxed income toward medical care. This would move young people to catastrophic plans that have lower premiums. They can put that savings into an HSA to pay their deductible when they become ill. 

Third, reform HRAs and FSAs to roll funds left over to an HSA so it could grow tax-free, rather than forfeited.