As Part of Comprehensive Drug Legalization, Allow Opt-Out From Drug Prescription


We know that the War on Drugs has failed. A trillion dollars our country sorely needed has gone to fund the systematic devastation of Mexico, Colombia, and poorer neighborhoods of America. That doesn't mean that shooting heroin is a great idea - only that we've funded the Taliban by banning it, while the Swiss have persuaded addicts to get help by supplying them with it. Prescription drugs are a major part of this policy failure.

But it would be inexplicable and heartless not to extend to high blood pressure pills or heart medication the same liberties we must learn to recognize with very dangerous recreational drugs.

Adults should have the right to waive prescription requirements and purchase medications directly, given informed consent and disclaimer of liability. We should allow grown-ups, if they wish, to be final arbiters of their own health. That is serious business, not to be taken lightly, but so is welding, mining, or timber cutting. Grown-ups deserve control over their lives.