Reduce Health Care Costs


It is proposed that the federal government:

Combines Medicare and Medicaid into one program which covers the poor, those under 18, those over 65 and all federal employees

- Everyone is split into massive groups to be put out to bid to insurance companies for High Deductible Health Plans (~$3,000 deductible)

- The federal government will pay the premium for each of those on the plan

- The federal government will contribute $1,800 per year to each of those under a particular income threshold’s HSA accounts

- Roughly 100 million people will have health insurance through this program, 40 million of which receiving monthly HSA contributions

- It is estimated to cost the federal government $162 billion per year, saving over $6 trillion over 10 years

Make any health insurance tax free, not just those offered by employers

Allow access to Canadian and European drugs

Allow pharmacists to write prescriptions for various drugs