Why the State-Run Markets Are Better, But Still Have One Flaw


It is evident, albeit small in scope, that the states that chose to institute their own markets are faring better than the states that did not.  This proclamation is made by inadequacies of a web design but nevertheless enrollment in state run markets is going smoothly.  However, one incident myself and my co-workers at a local restaurant in RI ran in to was that we fell in to a grey area and have slipped through the cracks.  My restaurant offered me health care at a weekly rate that was more than half my weekly pay.  I do not for a second blame my place of business in that harboring the additional cost that most larger companies do, is not feasible.  I would also never dream of imposing a mandate that said they had to do more than provide it, however, Rhode Island denied me coverage through the state market because my company offered coverage to me.  My proposal would be that I or anyone, be allowed to chose the state or private options and avoid falling into the grey area I am in.