Use your health as a currency to buy down your insurance with MyBodyCount


I've started a company that enables consumers to get a retail mini-physical and use their healthscore, developed by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University, as a currency to buy down their insurance.

It's no mystery that millennials are needed to even out the insurance pool. We are working now to insert MyBodyCount into private exchanges (for large employers) so that health plans can ultimately bid on consumers. We are now in a world of mandated health insurance with universal guaranteed issue (no one is denied) and community rating (everyone pays the same higher rate within their age/gender/zipcode band).

MyBodyCount is a health score bureau that enables exchanges to use free market principles of incentives that motivate people to be healthy by rewarding them by using their health as a currency to buy down their insurance with a tamper-proof score based on biomarkers that reflect your health behaviors (diet, exercise, tobacco use, and medication adherence).