I am a young american and I will buy insurance, but if I don't use it, this is what I want


I am a 29 year old healthy young American, the economy is poor, jobs are poor, the only thing I have going for me is my health. Paying for health insurance would actually be hindering my health because the distress of more monthly bills would affect me emotionally, socially and physically and would not be worth the benefits of catastrophic insurance. However I am willing to negotiate, i will buy health insurance under one condition. Condition 1) If I never use this health insurance i want 20% of my premiums to be credited back to me in the form of reduced student loan debt or (if no student loan debt) given back to me as a tax credit. As I get older the percentage of my premiums being credited back to me for not using the health insurance will gradually be reduced. 18-26 years old 80% 27 years old 60% 28 years old 40% 29 years old 20% 30 years old 0%. This makes sense to me as a young American, and I will buy.