Use the Free Market to Lower Prices, Improve Quality, Increase Variety


Obamacare only works if millennials pay for coverage we don’t want. It increases prices, decreases quality, hurts people, and makes millions lose their plans. 

The health insurance system should empower the free market, so companies compete for you by lowering prices and improving quality and variety. President Obama admits government can't do what businesses can.

Obamacare should adopt parts of the American Health Care Reform Act. It empowers the market, allows people to buy from any state, and people can join to get the same buying power as companies, much like how buying in bulk lowers prices.

If AHCRA's components are adopted, companies could treat pre-existing conditions as specializations, not liabilities. Stores offer clothing for all shapes and heights, and you don’t pay more to find clothing that fits.

Obamacare should stop making government decide if your plan is right for you — the reason everyone is losing their insurance — and penalizing people for not buying insurance.