The Tumblr Effect: Millennials Getting Millennials to Reblog about Healthcare

Let's be real here: Kids don't trust adults when they try to infiltrate their cyber spaces; they know an oldie trying to sound hip on the Internet from a mile away. This is part of the reason why the push to get Millennials involved with healthcare has failed: Young people feel like their elders are trying to snatch them on their own turf.

Thus, I propose a different solution: Let's have Millennials tell other Millennials what's going on. If any agency hoping to get young people involved in the healthcare debate just hired a few young and successful graphic designers, artists, and bloggers to help promote healthcare reform on various social media and youth culture platforms, the possibilities would be endless.

Take Tumblr for example: If millions of kids on Tumblr see a cool infographic about healthcare from their favorite blogger, they're more likely to reblog that than an informative 4000-word essay. Thousands of reblogs on a picture, or no views on a giant blog post? Your call.