The way to not screw anyone over


The whole Obamacare system changed the game for 4 million people, not 30 million as they claim. 15 million of those people are illegal immigrants. 11 million are people who are eligible for healthcare plans already in place through the government, that they do not take advantage of. That leaves 4 million in the entire US. How do you insure them? By cutting malpractice. States like New York control what the cost of malpractice is for doctors, many of which have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Hospitals have to not only pay for every doctor, but now in New York they have to pay a second layer of malpractice on top of that. Is that fair? No. So now millions of dollars are being excessivley spent in the State of New York alone. How do we deal with that? One, put a cap on pain and suffering. Two, cut malpractice to 30% of what it is and have doctors and hospitals put 10k in each to a state pool. Now imagine how much is in that pot. Enough to cover NY state. Now do this for every state