What Can Fix the Affordable Care Act


After watching the ReasonTV Q&A w/ David Goldhill, here are a few policy points that I think would make the ACA better.

1. Adding Preventive Care Will Not Reduce Costs.

The problem with adding preventive care to insurance is it takes away competitive pricing. Technology isn't that expensive. When you subsidize the cost, though, the only way to be competitive is to add more features that are unnecessary.

2. Expanding covered care won't bring down prices.

...as people are already seeing. Sounds like an overused metaphor, but I don't expect car insurance to cover basic car care, so why should healthcare cover basic medical care.

3. ACA should cover catastrophic care ONLY.

This is what the ACA should truly be about and can care for. It is what the ACA did to make Medicaid better. This will reduce costs while helping less fortunate Americans.

 4. Consumers should be designers of their care, not government.

Government money can be manipulated. Consumers always act in their interest.