Knowledge is Power (and so is being relatable)

ByTori DeGiosio

The more platforms that you can contact millennials on, the better. You have to show them that the ACA is something that has an impact on their life, then they’ll be interested. Social media is the bloodline of millennials. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more are used daily, if not hourly, by the millennial generation. The millennial generation is probably the most fast-paced generation. Spending an hour watching a newscast, or even spending ten minutes reading a newspaper is out of the question. It’s a few seconds or minutes on social media that are the key moments to engage millennials. Talk to them on Twitter and Facebook, answer their questions in a Google Hangout, make a YouTube video with another millennial that the ACA has affected. Show them that you care about them and that this changes their lives. Don’t be the person that’s lecturing them, but the person that’s helping them. Wording is everything, especially when you only have 140 characters!