Who Do Millennials Listen To?

ByAdriana Layne

Millennials are not as educated about the ACA as they should be. Why? Because they are what's called "young invincibles" who don't think about health care because they are generally healthy. They also don't always follow politics and the news as avidly as the rest of us. How do we reach out to them and make sure that this generation which is key to the success of the ACA is engaged? We sing to the beat of their drum. I know it sounds outlandish, but if we got 10 of the biggest artists together to make a song (not tacky, but a really good song) that centered around the importance of the ACA and educated kids with the basics, they could become intrigued and look up more online after hearing it. The great part about this is that many celebrities support the ACA and could come together as charity for the country. Let's get Macklemore, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, etc. and make one huge song/music video and I promise we will capture the attention of the youth!