Project Informed and Insured: Giving Millennials Direct Answers to Their Real Questions


Finding the correct information in just the right places can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. I want to create a resource that gives millennials personalized answers to their real questions, and guides them through the sign-up process, every step of the way.

How it Works:

1.) Build dedicated social network pages, where millennials can ask questions about the ACA, and be given actual responses from Government officials within 48 hours.

2.) Host Fireside Hangouts with internet celebrities, healthcare officials and government authorities, answering individual questions about the ACA.

3.) Create a contest that encourages active page participants and viewers to start the conversation within their social group. These millennials will earn entries by sharing content, tracked with the hashtag #InformedandInsured. Those who earn the most entries will win a spot on a Fireside Hangout to ask the President their questions, in person.

Click the link to view a Fireside Hangout.